Rates professional translation services

My professional translation services are customised to your requirements. And as most translation projects your request is very special too. Therefore, it is quite difficult to give exact price indications in advance.

But in general, the following rule applies :

Translation rates (in Germany) are calculated per line or hour. Line fees are based on a standard line being 55 characters per line (including space characters). The line fee for translations ranges between 1.10 and 2.20 Euros, depending on the specific subject, text type, complexity, layout, deadline, etc.

Proofreading and editing may either be charged per line or based on an hourly rate. The hourly rates range from 35 to 55 Euros. Fees for compiling terminology databases / glossaries are also based on an hourly rate.

A minimum fee of 30.00 Euros is charged for small orders.

All rates are net prices and do not include value-added tax.

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