Terminology Management

Terminology Management

To use a uniform language is a decisive factor for the “corporate identity” of a company and not least helps avoiding mistakes.
It is important that all members of a company use the same terms for the same object, and terminology database as well as glossaries are indispensable contributions to achieve this objective.

A well-prepared terminology management is also essential for the translation process. As it is only possible to use the correct technical terms or customer-specific terms if they are provided accordingly.

Special software programmes are available for compiling a special terminology database. Thus, it is possible to create files and compile a glossary in co-operation with the client.

In the long-run, such customer-specific terminology database contributes to get consistent texts and documents in your company and therefore also strengthens an individual, uniform company profile as well as a consistent quality of your publications.

The translation process is a good opportunity to start a professional terminology management.

Please do not hesitate to contact me in this regard. I would be glad to support you in implementing your customer-specific terminology database or glossary.