Processing of Translation Services

Processing of Translation Services

Written information and texts are very important in many fields, as they represent your company externally – on the Website or regarding all business aspects, for example. To be able to concentrate on your own core competencies, foreign language projects should be left to professional translators.

I gladly provide you with professional translation service, individual support of your projects, right on schedule, with treating your documents absolutely confidential.

Besides the usual office programmes, special software tools are available to ensure consistency in your texts and documents and to keep the layout of the source text. Among others, the applied ACROSS software programme is quite helpful in this respect.

For prompt attention and consideration, you may send your documents by e-mail as word, excel or power point file. Upon receipt I would be glad to submit a quotation. It goes without saying that your documents are treated strictly confidential.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions or a quotation, even prior to your project – I am looking forward to your message or call.